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IDM APK For Android Free Full Version

The IDM app once downloaded from the apk online it will provide you with the simplest and easiest user interface to help you download anything you want.

The files from the app can be downloaded parallel. This means that you can download multiple files at a single time, which saves a lot of time when downloaded otherwise. The IDM download manager also allows you to download audio and video files. Also, you can play the audio or the video directly from the download manager app. Some of the features of the app are listed below.

Features of IDM Download Manager

  1. Directly downloads on SD card
  2. Live streaming of http websites
  3. Downloaded files can be hidden
  4. Supports most of the common languages across the globe
  5. Downloadable links copied to the clipboard can be downloaded as well
  6. No loss of any data due to the smart handling of error
  7. Downloading not stopped even if the app is closed
  8. Opening and sharing of the downloaded files
  9. Download links can be imported from text files
  10. Multiple web browsers are supported
  11. Sorting of the files according to date, name, size and category
  12. Notification sound and vibration supported when the download is complete
  13. Resume and pause feature
  14. Download links can be exported
  15. Options like start all, pause all and remove all save the userโ€™s time

Below are links from our server that will help you to download the apk file directly for the IDM download manager.


Download the IDM download manager for free from any of the links above and enjoy a hassle free and easy downloading of files along with so many other features. This app will surely make the downloading of files much easier and faster on your phone or tablet and you wonโ€™t regret downloading it!

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